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Photorealism in games by 2015

By William Countiss

Better Reality introduced a new technology for the movie industry called Thorskan which allows entire environments to be scanned into 3D software with high resolution textures while capturing and maintaining even the smallest details. Understandably this technology has been used in many special effects sequences from your favorite movies. The technology produced meshes a bit too dense and textures a bit too large for the realm of game development though, so we never witnessed the technology take a foothold in the world of interactive entertainment. That is all about to change with the reveal of a new game from The Farm 51 which has partnered with Better Reality to take full advantage of the scanning tech for PS4 and Xbox One. The game is called Get Even which is said to be a first person shooter which seeks to blur the line between the single player campaign and the online multiplayer. While the premise sounds interesting it is the graphics tech which steals the lime light here. Simply put, you’ve never seen environments in a game world look so breathtakingly realistic before.

Details are scarce on both the game, which is currently slated for a 2015 release, and the technology behind it. But rest assuredly that with photo-realism being a previously unattainable dream on the most recent generation of consoles, the industry and consumers will be very interested in the tech behind Get Even. Feast your eyes on the trailer and Thorskan demonstration below.


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