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Seedr.cc Review

Welcome to the power of the cloud!

Have you ever heard of a cloud downloading services? The first one that I’d ever been exposed to was Put.io. Now I want to make this super clear, I do not condone piracy of any sort. But converting large files for sharing on the internet can definitely be useful especially when you’re sharing a movie that you own or a large file which you’d like shared with your closest friends. The aforementioned Put.io does a really nice job of doing that but recently I let my paid account there run out so I could try something new.

Seedr.cc is awesome

Now I don’t want to bury the lead here on this review. Seedr.cc is absolutely awesome. For one it has a free account which offers 2GB of download space. That may sound limiting but it’s free! What’s more if you send your friends your special sign up link, Seedr will grant you and your friend and extra 500MB of space. This means more space for sharing. You are allowed to invite a maximum of 4 friends for a total additional amount of 2GB which brings the total up to 4GB.

The web interface is a pleasure to use and it supports magnet links right from the get go. If you right click on a file after it’s transferred you can delete it. This is going to be important if you want to manage the limited space you’ll have with a free account. Speaking of the free account, it’s probably worth noting that you can earn 500MB of additional space for tweeting about Seedr.cc and also for writing a review of it like I am here.

Seedr.cc also offers a few paid tiers. Those include a super cheap $6.95/per month 30GB/Mo. download limit, a mid tiered 100GB/Mo. download limit for $9.95 and the “Master” which is 1TB/Mo. for $19.95 Check it out, you won’t be disappointed. The downloads are super fast and it’s free to try.


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