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Sony to Stream E3 2011 Press Conference Live

By Joseph Tresca

In years past, gamers had limited options when it came to viewing the E3 press conferences of the big three. In recent times game sites such as Game Spot and IGN have offered live streams of these typically private events. This year Sony is about to change all that by streaming the event live via the Playstation blog. Additionally Sony is offering consumers the chance to have their questions answered by game developers via a live chat module. Sony had initially run a contest which would allow select PS fans access to the live conference, however the contest quickly filled up and was closed as the number of entries far exceeded the number of open slots. Perhaps this was impetuous for streaming the event live. If you don’t have the time or patience to sit through the 5 hour event, be sure to check out Eyeballistic’s up to the minute twitter and blog coverage. We’ve got your back.


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