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Calibur Brings Style to Your Poorly Dressed Console.


Special addition Gears of War 3 -VAULT 3D Armored Gaming Case

I’ve always been a huge fan of customizing the things you own to really make them unique to your personality, and in the process show off a little to your friends.  Calibur has really brought a new sense of style to your ordinary looking console and was able to mix in a little functionality to boot.

The one that really caught my eye was the special addition Gears of War 3 VAULT.  One catching feature is that it glows a crimson red every time you are downed by an enemy adding a new sense of urgency for you to recover and get back into the fight.

The VAULTs look amazing and the materials feel solid to the touch.  I noticed that the chassis improve stability to the console along with an added bonus of improving airflow, which should keep things cool for hours of extended game play.  In addition to its stylish and functional facade you can use a cradle to either hold your headset or rest your weary controller for the night.


Image Courtesy of  Calibur11.com

As that wasn’t enough Calibur takes your personalization a step further with custom nameplates. You can choose from a variety of 10 background plates for your chosen name and take it one step further by adding a tag line in the front in the color of your liking.


Add your name in the color of your choice.

Overall I was very pleased with Calibur’s E3 2011 presentation.  Even the price, little more than a new name at around $80-$90 dollars seemed reasonable considering its added functionality.  Its money well spent to pimp out your boring looking console and at the same time potentially adding to its longevity.  A must for anyone looking for something really different.

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