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Eyeballistic has progressed over the last few years since it was first established in 2005 as a video training company for game industry professionals. The original need to teach young game artists, and creatives the tools of their trade has grown so exponentially that the Eyeballistic training division which is currently headquartered in NYC, has become its own dedicated company which provides 3D art, characters, props and animations to game developers across the world; but that’s just our day job.

Given our intimate knowledge of the game development process and our love for games in general, we decided in 2009 to establish the Eyeballistic game blog which addresses an often under represented view of game journalism, the perspective of a game developer. Sure we might get a little too excited about clock cycles, ram frequency and real-time global illumination, but we think whether you are an average consumer who likes to be the most informed guy at the party or a developer like us working tirelessly to innovate for the future of games, you’ll find an honest and intelligent perspective on the industry right here.


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